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Bite Sized Learning (videos)

Have a free moment between patients? Watch a quick video to further refine your workflow and skills.


New to the Software?

Whether you’re a self learner, prefer the interaction of groups or tailored private sessions, we have you covered.

Video Library
Short videos focused on single topics to quickly get you up to speed.

Online Courses
Work at your own pace type courses that are broken into specific, manageable lessons related to the most common job tasks you’ll perform in the software.

Private Training
Private Training options are geared directly to your practice’s wants and needs.  We will work with you in advance of your training day to ensure the training is exactly what you are looking for.

Training Manuals
Detailed manuals covering the basics of using the system, more advanced feature sets and advanced charting with our paperless module.

Newest Version – 5.0

Medications Module Notes Manager
Patient File Tax receipt
Bulk Insurance wizard Medical Alerts Popup
Digital Signature Appointment Link Planner
Appointment Status Bulk Unschedule
Site History Reset EDI status
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Running Day End

End of Day Reporting At the end of each day it is recommended to run the Bank Deposit and Day End Report. These reports are located in the Reports Manager to the Billings tab where these two reports are located. These reports have many options and settings to suit the practice needs and can be set to default.

Print an Appointment Day Sheet

This article will guide you through configuring and printing an appointment day sheet. This sheet is typically printed so the office has a paper record of appointments for the day.

Common Reports FAQ
Daily Trial Bank Deposit
Day End Report
Appointment Day Sheet
Appointment Verification Report


Charge Interest

The charge interest options allows you to manually trigger the software to charge interest on overdue balances.

Update Ortho Plan Fees

Found in the Transaction Module under the Month End Tasks icon, the Ortho Plan Fees options will find all Active Ortho Plans with outstanding Fees or Payments and post them on the system.

Process Held Payments

Found in the Transaction Module under the Month End Task icon, the Process Held Payments is a working report which can generate a list of patients with held payments and credits and allows you to allocate them to open treatments. Doing this monthly helps keep your accounts up-to-date and clean.

Treatment Status

Found in the Transaction Module under the Month End Task icon, there is an interactive Treatment Status report that can be used to track outstanding treatment plans or treatments in progress.


Common Reports FAQ
Month End Report Running Month End
Statements Adjust Insurance Balances
Producer Production Analysis Report

PX 101 Basics

This entry level course is for new administrative (reception) or clinical staff with little or no experience using Power Practice software. We have provided basic instruction for managing patient data, insurance, scheduling, treatment entry, taking payments, simple adjustments, and performing day/month end procedures. We suggest using this course in conjunction with the Power Practice training database installed on every workstation Power Practice is installed on.  Please note the training database is connected to the software and cannot be installed on personal computers.

Topics Covered:
Power Practice Introduction Appointment Scheduler
Data Entry Patient Payments
Insurance Entry Basic Adjustments
Treatment Entry Day End Procedures
General Ledger
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PX 201 Advanced
This advanced course is designed to provide participants with a greater understanding of Power Practice. We will provide instruction on processing insurance payments, understanding insurance reports, treatment proposals, managing planned treatment, managing recalls, processing held payments, adjustments, using the accounts receivable manager, practice analysis reporting, and custom reports.

Topics Covered:
Understanding Insurance Policies Adjustments
Treatment management Managing Financials
Recall Lists Extras
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PX 301 Advanced

This advanced course is designed to provide participants with a greater understanding of the Power Chart module and it’s features. The aim of this course is to bring to your attention the available functions and conveniences added with Power Chart and help you get the most out of them.

We will discuss the settings available within each module in detail, along with creating Super Codes and Comment Templates, setting unique producer colours, filtering treatment history and much more . We’ll explore the Treatment Proposals module, the improved Chart Alerts, the Document Manager and even custom reports using the Info Manager.

This course is not intended to teach the basics of daily use for the Odontogram or Periodontal charts. For help in those topics, please call our Training department.

Topics Covered:
Odontogram settings Treatment codes & Super Codes
Treatment Proposals Notes modules & Comment Templates
Periodontal settings Document Manager use & integrations
Info Manager
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Info Manager – An in Depth Guide to Reporting

This course is designed to help you navigate and build prowerful custom reports in the info manager module.

Topics Covered:
Basics Overview
Creating Reports
Labels and Mail Merge
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Onsite Training

Onsite training allows us to work face to face with your staff, minimizing misunderstandings and gaining a better understanding of the software.

Remote Training

Online training is also customized to your office needs and can be fit in over an extended lunch hour. This option is great for one to five people when travelling is not an option.


A Power Practice professional will work with you to review your current Power Practice processes and optimize the software to work harder for you. We will also take this one step further to ensure we align your software processes to meet the needs of you clinic processes and business goals.

Upcoming Live Events

If you have any question about our training, consultation or live events, please feel free to contact us.

Mon to Fri: 6am – 5pM PST
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Tel: 604-468-6820 option 2
TF: 1-888-808-6223 option 2

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Claimsecure Technical Issues

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iTrans has announced support of their Windows ICA application before version 3.0, will end June 30, 2019. Offices running an old Windows ICA need to be updated to v4.1 before this date to avoid interruption to their EDI processing of claims. Power Practice is already compatible with this new version…

Microsoft Is Ending Support for Windows 7

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