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Unique Patients Custom Report

By 04/19/2021Reports


This article will guide you through the steps of creating a custom report to find the total number of unique patients the office has seen between a date range.

  1. Select Options from the top menu bar
  2. Click on Reports Manager from the dropdown
  1. Go to the System Tab. It should be the third tab over
  2. Find and open Custom Reports
  1. To create a Report, click on the Create a new Record icon in the top left
  1. In the New Report Maker, start by filling out a Report Title. Since we want to find unique patients in 2020, we will name it Unique Patient Totals 2020
  2. For Report Type, select the Patient radio button
  1. A pop up will display on your screen. Please select No
  1. Continuing on in the New Report Maker, for File Type, highlight Appointment
  2. This will change the Criteria. Go ahead and now highlight Apt. Date
  3. Now we want to enter the date range. Under Value(s) the arrows will dropdown to a calendar. Since we want between two dates, in the first dropdown put 01/01/2020. In the second dropdown: 12/31/2020
  4. Hit the Save button on the bottom right and this will add our selections to the Selections Made Box
  5. Click Run to create the report
  1. A report will now pop up will your Unique Patient Totals. Scroll down to see the Number of Total Patients
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