Power Practice Modules

There are many reasons why the most successful dentists use
Power Practice. Learn how Power Practice can help increase your patient care, be customized to the workflows of your office, keep your data safe and secure, is intuitive and easy to use and increase your practice management efficiencies

Core Features

Patient File

Effortlessly navigate a patient’s file with easy-to-use, color-coded tabs that categorize your patient information and make searching a breeze.

Power Practice’s intuitive “right click” functionality allows you to instantly perform commands, such as creating new appointments or generating reports.


Booking appointments is simple and straightforward with Power Practice. Schedule, re-schedule and un-schedule directly from the graphic calendar.  Use appointment lookups to quickly find a provider’s next available appointment and generate powerful lists to perform searches on specific appointment data.


Intuitive and flexible, Power Practice allows you to seamlessly handle electronic billings and payments, enhancing your ability to meet patient expectations and keep them coming back.

Digital Forms

Transport your dental practice into the new millennium. Power Practice Patient Forms module allows you to instantly capture information, eliminating the need for paper forms and the duplication of data entry.

Power Chart

Go paperless.  This is your patient’s paper chart in digital format. From Power Chart you can access a patient’s data from one centralized screen. Your patient demographics, financials, scheduling and reporting are all streamlined, seamlessly flowing to and from Power Chart in a digital format.


Gain the necessary insight and clarity you need, to effectively manage your dental practice and offer the best possible care to your patients. Regular, in-depth analysis can help reveal gaps in your data that stimulate new opportunities for a more profitable and efficient practice.

Treatment Proposals

Make it easier for your patients to make quicker decisions on their dental treatment options. Power Practice enables you to build and present cases with the Treatment Proposals module.

Line by Line Accounting

Unique to Power Practice, line by line accounting takes the guesswork out of your accounts receivables.  See exactly what was charged out and what was paid down based on how insurances funded the specific treatment rather than a claim as a whole.

Max Check

Help patients maximize their benefits.  Max check can cross reference patients that have planned treatment and insurance limits remaining.

Office Management Features

Daily Huddle

Prepare your staff for the day with a Team Huddle. This easy to use feature allows you to quickly access a snapshot of what your day will look like.  From appointments to confirmations and patient contact information, this report sets you on a successful path.

Practice Analysis and Audit

Designed for practitioners or office managers. Practice Analysis is used to track and analyze the movements of Power Practice staff.  This allows you to see who is doing what in your practice management software.

Document Manager

Simply scan documents, letters, xrays, notes and other paper correspondence directly to Power Practice. The digital files are instantly stored in the Document Manager and linked to the patient’s file.

You can store practically any type of electronic file to your patient’s record, just as you would file a paper document in their chart. Never again will you need to sort through stacks of paper to find a misplaced form or letter.

Internal Messenger (Communicator)

Communicate with clinical staff or the front desk in real time.  Notify the front desk that the patient is on their way out of the ops.


Each user can customize their login of Power Practice to have the features they use readily available to them.  As an office manager you can also limit access to job related tasks, toolbars and user settings.

AR Manager

AR Manager allows you to see your outstanding AR for a specific provider, create custom aging categories over the standard current 30-60/60-90 and over 90.  You can select the patient right from the screen, eliminating the need to print it out.  Send emails, print statements, and make adjustments right from the report.

Info Manager

Not only can you use existing reports but you can build a report with the data you want.  You can save an unlimited number of customized reports and export them to excel for further analyzing. You can also use Info Manager to send emails or letters to your patients individually or in batches based on your selected criteria.

Bridges and Integrations

Recall Systems

Power Practice integrates with EasyMarkit for all your recall service needs.

Imaging and Xrays

Do you have a favorite imaging or Xray program such as Dexis or Safecom?  We probably bridge to it already, just ask us!


Optio is available to you in Power Practice to show your patients the most common procedures through short video clips and provides printouts for your patients to take home and read on their own time.

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