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Adding in CDCP New Fee Guide


This article explains how to create the new CDCP Fee Guide and load the CDCP (CP) fee schedule.


First navigate to the Maintenance Manager

  1. Select Practice from the main menu
  2. Select Maintenance Manager from the drop down

Create a new schedule for the CDCP fee guide.

  1. Select the Insurance tab
  2. Select Fee Schedule Codes
  1. Select the Create Record icon
  2. Enter CP for code, and CDCP Fee Schedule for schedule
  3. Select the Save Record icon

The next step is to Load the new fee schedule

  1. Select the Utilities tab in the Maintenance Manager
  2. Select Fee Schedule Updates
  1. Select Fee Guide Link 
  1. Select the 2024-CP.upd fee guide
  2. Click the OK button
  1. Under the column labeled To Sch: type CP
  2. Select the OK button.
  1. When the Fee guide is finished, Click No to Review the current fees.

The New CDCP Fee Guide has been loaded, and available for use.

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