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Adding Labs to Existing Procedure Codes


version 5.2+

The steps below outline the steps of adding a lab to an existing procedure code. This enhancement comes into effect with the 5.2.04 update.

With the update, users will be able to add labs codes to existing procedure codes without deleting them, which was how labs users added labs to codes before the update.


  1. Select the Practice Menu drop down
  2. Select Maintenance Manager
  1. Select the Insurance Tab
  2. Double-click procedure codes
  1. Search for the Procedure Code requiring the lab and double-click the result to open the settings window.
  1. Check the “Does Procedure Require a Lab” box.
  2. Select OK
To remove a lab from a procedure, simply uncheck “Does Procedure Require a Lab?”.
  1. The next widow Should have most of the information added automatically.
  2. Select the Fee Schedule button to add fees for various fee guides.
  3. Select OK on both windows to save and close the settings.
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