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Check Which Fee Schedule Your Office Uses

By 02/28/2022Fee Schedule


This article explains how to check what fee schedule your office and producers use.


First, navigate to the Maintenance Manager.

  1. Select the Practice Menu
  2. Select Maintenance Manager from the drop-down

First check if you have a fee schedule selected under Practice Address.

  1. Select the Setup tab
  2. Select Practice Address icon
  1. Check the Default Fee Schedule section for your office’s fee schedule. If this section is blank, the next step is checking your producers fee schedules.

Note: Depending on your office, some producers may have a different fee schedule than the office fee schedule. If a fee schedule was present in the Practice Address window it is still a good idea to check what fee schedules your producers use.

After closing the Practice Address window:

  1. Select the Producer Codes icon

In this window we want to check the fee schedule for each active doctor.

  1. Highlight each doctor in the list
  2. Check which fee schedule is present in the Fee Schedule section
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