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Updating a custom Office (O) Fee Schedule

By 02/28/2022Fee Schedule


This article explains how to back up and update a custom office (O) fee schedule if your office has this in place of/in conjunction with a regular fee schedule.

If you are unsure if your office uses an O fee schedule, take a look at our article on Checking Which Fee Schedule Your Office Uses


First navigate to the Maintenance Manager

  1. Select Practice from the main menu
  2. Select Maintenance Manager from the drop down

The first thing to check is if you have a backup schedule for your office fee guide.

  1. Select the Insurance tab
  2. Select Fee Schedule Codes
  1. Search the list for a schedule called Office Backup with code OB. If it is in the list move on to step 9, else follow the next steps to create a backup schedule
  2. Select the Create Record icon
  3. Enter OB for code, and Office Backup for schedule
  4. Select the Save Record icon

 Note: it is important to keep a backup of your office fee schedule prior to updating in case your office needs to refer back to a previous fee or if a mistake is made during the update process. Having a backup allows you to restore your office fee schedule and start again.

The next step is to complete the backup of your office fee schedule

  1. Select the Utilities tab in the Maintenance Manager
  2. Select Fee Schedule Updates
  1. Select Copy Fee Schedule 
  1. In Schedule From: Select O
  2. In Schedule To: Select OB
  3. Select OK

A progress bar will appear, once it has finished then the backup of your office fee schedule is complete.

You are now ready to update your office fee schedule.

If you need to load a current fee schedule to your office schedule, find the instructions for your province in our Fee Guide Hub.

Note: When following along with the article at Step 8 you will need to enter O in the To Sch. 

If you need to adjust your office fee schedule by a percentage, follow our article on Adjusting Fees By a Percentage Amount

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