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Adjust Fees by a Percentage Amount

By 02/14/2022Fee Schedule


This article will explain how to adjust your fees by a certain percentage.


First navigate to the Maintenance Manager

  1. Select the Practice menu
  2. Select Maintenance Manager from the drop-down menu

Once in the Maintenance Manager:

  1. Navigate to the Utilities tab
  2. Open Fee Schedule Updates

A pop-up window labelled Fee Schedule Updates will appear

  1. Select Adjust Fee Schedule from the list

Another pop-up will appear labelled Adjust Fee Schedule. This is where we will make our adjustments

  1. Select the fee schedule you want to adjust from the drop-down menu
  2. Type in the percentage you wish to adjust the fee schedule by. If increasing the prices this number will be above 100, and if decreasing the prices this number will be below 100.

Example: Entering 110.00 will increase prices by 10% – Entering 75.00 will decrease prices by 25%

The next settings are for your price rounding options.

  1. Select round up, down, or round-off.
  2. Select either penny or dollar in the To Nearest section.

Example: If the price for a fee after increase is $129.883

Rounding up to the nearest penny is $129.89, rounding up to the nearest dollar is $130.00

Rounding down to the nearest penny is $129.88, rounding down to the nearest dollar is $129.00

Rounding-off to the nearest penny is $129.88, rounding-off to the nearest dollar is $130.00

  1. Enter the range of codes you wish to update fees for. If you are updating all fees in the selected schedule then leave the range blank
  2. Select OK to update the fees
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