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Transfer Balance Owing – TB

By 02/27/2019Transactions


This article will guide you through transferring a balance owing from the patient to the insurance.


  1. Navigate to the Transaction module section.
  2. Select the Adjustments tab.
  3. Select the New button on the right hand side.
  1. In the adjustments form, fill in:

    Adjustment Type: Patient
    Balance: Transfer
    Code: TB
    Desc: Provide a brief description or reason for the transfer.
    Amount: The dollar value to transfer.
  1. Select the Save button on the right hand side.
  1. Select the Auto apply button.
    (You can also apply individual amounts to specific treatments by selecting the treatment line, fill in an amount in the Apply Amt. field and then the  select the Apply button.)
  1. Select the OK button to complete the transfer.

Additional Resources

Adjustment Training Video – A more in-depth demonstrations of transaction adjustments.

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