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Creating a List of the Number of Active Patients Using Info Manager

By 03/25/2021Reports


This is article will guide you on how to create a custom report of all active patients in your practice using Info Manager.


  1. Select the Office drop down in the menu bar
  2. Select Info Manager
  1. Select the Patient tab
  2. Choose Patient List under the Category section
  3. From the table, click on the Pat. Status column heading
The Column Conditions (Pat. Status) window will pop up.
  1. Under the Operator drop down, select Equal to
  2. Under the Value 1 drop down, select Active Patient
  3. Select the Add button on the right
You should see the condition selected in the table below
  1. Select the Close button on the right-hand side.
The Pat. Status Column header, should have two Asterisks (**)
  1. Right-click on the table to bring up the right click menu
  2. Select Edit Report which is the first item in the menu
  1. Select Patient from the Files category
  2. Under the Selected category, you may choose any of these lines, for this example, we will select the Patients.Pat. Preferred Name
  3. Select Operation located on the right
  1. Under Total Operation, select Count
  2. Select OK to close the Column Operation widow
  3. And OK again to close the Report Definition window
  1. Click on Search in the main screen
Scroll to the bottom of the list and you will find the total number of active patients in your practice.

You may also print the list from the Print button located on the top right corner on the main screen

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