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Sched – Adding time off


This article will guide you through the steps of add producer time-off.


  1. Open up the Scheduler
  2. Head over to the Scheduler icons located on right, and click on Scheduler Setup
  1. Select Producer Work Schedule
  1. Start by selecting the Producer from the dropdown
  1. To begin adding time off, go to the bottom of the window and click on T-Off Add
  1. Select the dates for both Day From and Day To
  2. Change the Week Cycle if necessary
  3. Next, make the proper adjustments for Days Not Working
  4. For Type, chose the time off code from the dropdown
  1. Continuing on in the same window, chose one of the radio buttons for Hours Off for. Since this example is for vacation, we will select Entire Day
  2. If you have more time off to add, Click on Next
  3. Otherwise you can now click OK and close out of the window
  1. To Edit these hours, either double click on the line, or click on T-Off Edit
  2. If you want to add more additional hours click on T-Off Add
  1. Complete all the necessary steps as previously done. For this example, I did Part of the Day and adjusted the proper hours below
  2. Once everything is completed, click OK
  1. Your hours are now added on to the Work Schedule in the Time-Off Table
  2. Close out by clicking OK. You have now finished adding in Producer Time Off
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