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Setting Producer Hours


This article follows “Chair Setup“. These next steps will guide you through how to set up producer hours and add them onto the Scheduler.

  1. Open up the Scheduler
  2. Head over to the Scheduler icons located on right, and click on Scheduler Setup
  1. In the Scheduler Options, select the Producer Setup
  1. Find your Producer and highlight them
  1. If their hours closely match your clinic hours, you can tick Use Default Hours, and it will automatically fill them in
  1. Otherwise, fill in the hours manually. You can use the To and From as breaks
  1. Once you finish adding in the hours, find and highlight the new chair in the Working Chairs list
  2. Make sure the correct Display Chair is highlighted as well
  3. Everything in this window is now complete, you can Save your work
  4. Click OK to close out of the window
  1. Next, on the Scheduler open up the User View Options icon
  1. Find and highlight your Producer in the Producers list. It should automatically highlight the corresponding chair but always double check
  2. Next adjust the Chair Columns/Page to fit the new Producer. I adjusted by adding 1
  3. Finally, you can click OK
  1. The Scheduler should now show the Producer and their hours
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