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Chair Display Order

By 03/02/2019Scheduler


This article will guide you through defining the order that columns (chairs) will be displayed on your scheduler.

Note: This is a per-user settings and will not change how other users have setup their columns.


  1. Select Patient from the top menu bar.
  2. Select Appointment from the sub menu.
  1. Select the User View Options icon.
  2. Select the Chair Order button.
  1. Select the Sort / Select button to clear the current chair order.
  2. In the table below, select each chair description in the order you want them to be displayed. In the screenshot example chair 4 was select first, then chair 1 and finally chair 2.

Additional Resources

Whenever changes are made to the Scheduler, they only affect the user account on which they are made.

To share your user settings, follow this guide: Copy Settings and Layout from/to Other User Accounts  

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