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Upgrade your Power Practice for free!

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Before you begin

Estimated time for server upgrade is 15 to 30min for completion.

If you are not in version 5.1 you will need to upgrade the server and then upgrade each workstation individually. CLICK HERE  to print your instructions.
Number of computers Est. time for upgrade
5 30 minutes
10 1 hour
20 1.5 hour

Upgrade Instructions

Open the zip file you downloaded.

Right click on the zip file and select Extract All.

Click on Extract.

Next open the extracted folder.

Double click the Setup file.

(The correct Setup file is listed as an Application in the Type Column)

Select the More Info option. (Windows 10 and above)

Select the Run anyway button. (Windows 10 and above)

Select the Yes button. (Windows 10 and above)

Select the Next button.

Select the Yes button.

Select the Next button.

Note: The C drive is the default drive where Power Practice is installed.

Double check with your office technician if they installed it in a different drive before proceeding.

Select the Next button.

Select the Yes button.

Note: The backup will take some time to complete depending on your entire database size and network speed.

The upgrade will take a couple minutes to backup the database and then will start and take a couple more minutes to perform the upgrade.

Select the Finish button. Your server is now updated.

Please open Power Practice on your workstations. The update will perform automatically for these computers. Wait a few minutes and you will get a pop-up confirming the workstation has been updated.

Please note this auto update feature is only available to Power Practice version 5.1 and above.

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