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Version patch and updates


– Issues with Auto Split for Pre-Auth EOBs resolved.



– Quick Button User Codes are no longer affected during upgrade/conversion
– Bank Deposit amounts are displaying in full
– Digital printing can print both responses with COB embedded
– Day End Report procedure description layout fixed
– Medical Alert pop up refinements
– Removed delay on right clicking Quick Buttons
– Proposals now submit EDI
– Unit symbol now updating when switching between dollar and unit
– Ortho Plan intermittent issue with changing patients fixed
– EDI Purge History refinements
– Scanned documents to PDF now have a smaller size
– Labs can be added to a procedure in Procedure Code setting “Edit Mode”
– Bridge bar now shows for extracted teeth
– Font size and style now saving properly for Scheduler
– COB issue on PAYEE when rebilling claims fixed
– Team Huddle indicator “short notice” is now available
– Intermittent issues with confirmation message in Personal tab fixed


– EDI Manager can now search with a blank network
– Ortho Plan initial payment validation embedded
– Ortho Plan now disables the patient name once a fee is processed
– Increased character limit for Email Reminder Subject Line
– Options to search procedure codes by code, description, or both
– Mass Update Fee for proposals
– Option to Exclude Ortho Fees when updating planned/proposal fees
– Patient Medication menu option on right click an appointment
– Referral Form now has Policy holder’s Date of birth
– Info manager can export up to 50 colums


– Insurance AR aging displayed on the totals page is now corrected


– Statement/Ledger Notes are displayed properly
– Treatment Status overlap in reports fixed
– Medication Codes report sorted alphabetically


– Coverage Template now identifies conflicting line items
– Procedure Code Search can search for more than 9 characters
– All treatments displays proper dollar value on check out

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