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Updating Planned Fees Utility


version 5.2+

Planned Fees can now be easily updated using this new utility available to you directly from the Month End Tasks.


  1. From the Transactions screen, Select Month End Tasks 
  2. Select Update Planned Fees
  3. Select OK
  1. Adjust the Start and End Dates of the period in which planned fees need to be updated. Users can opt to Exclude Ortho Fees during the update and choose to update Planned fees, Proposal fees, or Both 
  2. Select Update

You will have to confirm if planned fees with the selected date range need to be updated. Select Yes if the information is correct.

Note: A wide date range could cause the system to stop responding. This is ok! Give your system some time and it will continue to work and finish within a few minutes.

A second pop-up will confirm the number of planned fees that have been updated within the date range selected.

*Note- This will update the planned treatment, if your office used Treatment Proposals those fees should also be updated.

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