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version 5.1+

Insurance Ortho Charges and Limits can now be tracked separately from the Total Patient Limit. With this change, the treatment will split patient/insurance fees based on the category limit only and not on the general insurance balance remaining.


  1. Visit the Patient File module.
  2. Activate the appropriate patient file.
  3. Select the Insurance tab.
  4. Highlight the relevant policy.
  1. Select the Coverage button in the lower right.
  2. Scroll through the list until you find an Ortho category line, the letter “O” will be in the category column for that line.
  3. Enable the Exclude from Family/Patient limit option.
  4. Enable the Cat. Limit box.
  1. Enter the amount eligible.
  2. Define the period in the dropdown: Months, Years, or Lifetime.
  3. Enter a number if you chose Month or Year. Leave it blank if you selected Lifetime.
  4. Select the Save icon.
  5. Close this window.
  1. Double left click your policy holder in the Dependent box.
  2. In the new window, note your patient or family balance.
  3. In the lower box, we see the separated Ortho limit.

Billing treatments will not affect this limit amount, only codes that fall under the O. category will do so.

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