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Invalid EDI Status Message

By 03/20/2019Insurance and EDI
This process will perform a manual claim reversal in Power Practice and in most cases you’ll also need to contact the insurance company and request a manual reversal on their system.


This article will guide you through resolving the error “Invalid EDI Status” when performing a claim reversal.

Clients on version 5.0 and greater should follow the Reset a Claims EDI Status article that introduces a simpler way to reset an EDI claim.


  1. Select Practice from the top menu bar.
  2. Then select Maintenance Manager from the sub menu.
  1. Navigate to the Insurance tab.
  2. Select the Insurance Companies icon.
  1. Search for the patience insurance company using the Criteria field.
  2. Select the search icon
  3. Double click the insurance company from the search results below.
  1. Change the EDI Submission method from Online to Batch.
  2. Select the OK button to save the change.
  1. Navigate back to the treatment or claim you were attempting to reverse and select the green Refresh icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select all the treatments then Right click them and select Rebill Treats from the menu. This will change the status of the treatments to a batch mode and will not be sent through EDI.
  3. Now select all the treatments again, then Right click them and select Reverse Treats from the menu. This will put them into a batched reverse status and allow us to delete them. Optional: If you need to remove the treatments, select all the treatments again, then Right click them and select Delete Treats from the menu.
  4. Important! Now that the treatments are reversed or removed, you need to change the EDI Submission method back to Online by repeating steps 1 – 9 and setting the type as Online.

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