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Patient Recall List


The patient recall list will provide a list of patients due for their recall or hygiene appointments. Use this as a working list to call patients or send an email directly from the Power Practice.

Only patients with a recall line will be in this report. Run a report of patients without a recall to find the patients that has not been in the clinic for a regular dental cleaning appointment.


  1. Go to the Patient menu
  2. Select Appointments
  3. Select the Lists tab
  1. Go to the Recall List tab.
  2. Select the Producer(s) to run the recalls for.
    Select the Patient status – we recommend running the report for active patients.
    Select the Date range for the report.

    To search for patients due for the next month:

    Enter the first day of the month and the last day of the month as shown in the image.
    To search for overdue patients:
    Delete the date in the Date From field and leave it blank. Then, enter the current date in the Date To field.
  1. Leave the Codes fields empty to search for all recall codes. Otherwise, enter the specific recall codes to search for.
  2. Enter a specific recall code in the Exclude fields if you don’t want to see it on the list.
  3. Select the Exclude booked recalls tick box so only unbooked recalls appear on the list.
  1. Select the order to Sort the results by.
  2. Click Reset to reset the sort by order.
  3. Click Search to generate the list
  4. Click Print to print the results and work on the list outside of Power Practice.

Working with the list:

  1. Click on the note icon to read the recall note, if any.
  2. Select the patient and right click to go to the patient profile.
  1. Check if there is a booked appointment that is not attached to the recall line.
    Compare the dates for both lines and the appointment code to identify it it is an unlinked recall/hygiene appointment.

If there is a booked appointment that is not linked to the recall line, you will need to attach the recall line to the appointment and remove the patient from your working list:

  1. Select the booked recall/hygiene appointment.
  2. Right click on the booked appointment and go to the appointment.
  1. Double click on the appointment.
  2. Select the Recall button.
  3. Select the recall line to attach to the appointment.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click OK again to close the appointment detail window.
  1. Go back to the Lists tab.
  2. Select the patient name again.
  3. Click the Remove button to remove the name from your working list.
    This will not delete any appointment or recall, it will simply remove the line from your working list. You can see the patient name again if you click the search button.

If there is no booked appointment in the patient profile:

  1. Dial the patient’s number using their preferred contact method.
  2. To book the appointment, right click on the red recall line and schedule appointment.
  1. Go to the desired date to book the appointment in and double click on the desired time slot.
    Power Practice will automatically go to the date the recall is due if the recall date is in the future, otherwise it will remain on the current date.
  2. Confirm the units and details for the appointment.
  3. Click OK.

Go back to the recall list and remove the patient from your working list. Repeat the steps for each patient in your working list.

To add a recall note:

  1. Select the patient and right click.
  2. Select go to recalls notes.
  1. Type in the note.
  2. Click OK.

A note icon will now display in beside the patient name. Click on the icon to read the note.

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