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No Default Providers Required


version 5.1+

Typically, when adding a new patient to your database Power Practice will require a default producer and hygienist are set. Moving forward, the Patient File module no longer requires a default Hygienist. The dropdown starts blank and allows you to fill it in manually.

The program can be set to start with no defaults for either dropdown. This will prompt the team to make a manual selection each time, avoiding mistaken default producer selection. You do not need to set a default hygienist, that can be left blank if you choose. But you will still be required to set a Default Dr. for all patients.


  1. Visit the Patient File Module
  2. Select the Wrench icon.
  1. Place the cursor in the Default Dr. drop-down and use the backspace key to remove the text.
  2. Repeat this step for the Default Hyg. dropdown.
  3. Select Save.
  1. When adding a new file, your default provider fields will now be blank.
  2. You will have to set a default Dr. before you can save the file.
  3. The Default Hygienist filed can remain empty.

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