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Adding a New Patient (video)

8.38 min
Patient File


In this basics video, we will learn how to create a new family, add a family member, and make basic profile notes. We will learn the fundamentals of the ‘Patient File Module’ and the first three tabs, ‘Patient’, ‘Personal’, and ‘Additional’.

Topics Covered:

  1. Search: Finding a patient using their name or contact information.
  2. New Patients: Adding a new family to your practice and adding patients to an existing family.
  3. Notes: Where to add Patient and Account notes and their use.
  4. Office Codes: Creating new Office codes, adding them to a patient’s profile, and best practices.
  5. Account Holder: How to change the (R) account member.

Additional Resources

For a written and illustrated explanation of this information, please visit the following link

PX 101 Manual: Section 1.4 (page 6) – page 9.

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