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Adding New Appointment Codes


This article will guide you through the steps of creating an Appointment Code. To create the Appointment Type, please check out the linked article: Adding New Appointment Types


  1. Just as you did for Appointment Types, start in the Scheduler and open the Scheduler Setup icon
  1. In the Scheduler Options window, Select Appt Codes
  1. To create a new code, click on the Create Record icon in the top left
  1. Enter in your new Code
  2. In the Type dropdown, you’ll find the Appointment Type created in the previous article. Select it from the list.
  1. Continue by entering in the Procedure 
  2. Adjust the Units as necessary
  3. Once everything looks good, Click on Save Record and it will be added to the bottom of the list
  4. Finish off with clicking OK. You’ve now completed creating an appointment type and code.
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