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Linking Planned Treatments to Appointments


This article will guide you through the steps of linking planned treatments to an appointment with prioritization. To schedule the appointment, please check out the linked article: Scheduling Planned Appointments with Linked Treatments


  1. Select Patient from the top menu bar
  2. Click on Odontogram from the dropdown
  1. Hold down the control key while left clicking to multi-select the planned treatments you would like to link to an appointment
  2. Now that you have your planned treatments selected, right click and select New Appointment
  1. Uncheck all the treatments you don’t want linked to this appointment. Remember to prioritize appointments based on treatments. For this example, we want the RCT as the first treatment, so we keep it checked
  2. Select the Appt. Code from the dropdown
  3. Adjust the Units 
  4. Add a Priority number or letter. Since the RCT is first, 1 or A will work
  5. Click Next to continue to the next appointment
  1. The next priority is the crown 27211. Repeat the process and start with unchecking the fillings
  2. Select the Appt. Code from the dropdown. For crown we will chose Crown Prep
  3. Adjust the Units
  4. Add a Priority-2
  5. Click Next to complete the fillings
  1. Repeat the process for the fillings. Since all the treatments are linked, click OK now to close the window.
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