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Posting a Bridge on the Odontogram

By 02/17/2021Charting


This article follows “How to Enter a Pontic on the Odontogram.” These next steps will guide you through how to post abutments and create a bridge.


  1. Select your site’s
  2. Hover to discover the Fixed Prosthetics icon
  1. Choose your abutment code. For this example, we will use PFM Abutment to match the PFM Pontic posted
  1. Confirm in the Procedure Code Tree that you have the right code
  2. Check your Producer
  3. After that, you will want to right click and choose one of the following: Pre-Existing/Planned/Incomplete/Complete. OR you can also choose from the icons highlighted
  1. Now the bridge is posted both in the Treatments tab below and on the Odontogram
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