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Backups – Yes, we’re really having this conversation again because it’s that important.

Backing up your Power Practice data, and quite possibly your entire server should be considered a high priority when it comes to the maintenance of your computer system.  You may need to ask yourself if the cost of paying a hardware technician, not only to look after your computers but to make sure you have a reliable backup is worth it or not.

Having a backup plan is one of the best practices your office can implement.

Offices are choosing now more than ever to go paperless, relying exclusively on their computer system’s stability.  With going paperless, it becomes more and more important that you have a backup system in place that is 100% reliable.  Why is a backup important?  A backup means that if your server crashes, gets stolen, is damaged, or you get attacked by a virus, you can recover your data.  What is your data?  All your patient information, your appointments, notes you have for your patients, their x-rays or images, any documentation you want to keep.  All of your business information.  When you have a backup, the data can be recovered quickly, minimizing your down time.  Without a backup, data will need to be re-entered and some of it will be permanently lost.  This can be devastating to a business.

How to make sure you have a good backup?  Check with your hardware technician, the person that looks after your computers. This person will, in most cases, also be looking after your backups.  Power Practice does have recommendations for backing up our program and there is documentation available for it, but what about your images and x-rays?  What about your office documents?  Do you want these backed up as well?  Your hardware technician will let you know if this is being done.

You may be lucky and find you never need to restore your data and we at Exan want that for you as well.  Knowing that the backup is there if you ever need it should give you peace of mind that in the event of any kind of computer failure, you will be back in your feet in no time at all.

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