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Change the Scheduler Booking Unit Size


The article will guide you through changing the time unit used for booking appointments on the scheduler. By following these steps you will change your scheduler from 10 minute to 15 minute blocks or vise versa.


  1. Open the appointment scheduler module.
  2. Near the top right, select the Scheduler Options icon (pencil icon).
  3. Then select the Settings button in the Scheduler Options popup menu.
  1. In the Change Units Size section, select the new time unit from the Units (Minutes) drop down list and select a date in the Start date for second unit field.
All new appointments that are scheduled to occur after this date will be booked using the new time unit. This must be a date in the future and there can be no existing appointments scheduled for after that date. If Appointments exist, they either need to be unscheduled or you need to chose a date further into the future beyond the currently existing appointments.
  1. Select the OK button to save.
  1. The system will now check if there are any appointments booked to occur after the start date you selected above.  If no issue are found, the new unit will save and all future appointments after the start date will use the new unit.
This message occurs if appointments already exist beyond the date you selected on step 4 above. You’ll either need to unscheduled all those future appointments or chose a new date during step 4 that’s further into the future beyond the currently existing appointments.

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