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Summary Report

By 12/31/2019Reports


This report is found under the Billings tab. Much like the Transaction Listings report, this report serves as a great tool for gathering information typically found on the Month End. Until you are ready to run said Month End, you can use the Transaction Listings and Summary Report to get a comprehensive view of clinic operation over a given date range.

Selections Available

Producer: Choose your producer. Default is set to all producers ” * “.

Producer/Billing Dr. $: Generate report based on Producer or Billing Dr.

Print Practice Totals: Include a page for Practice Totals.

Print amounts without commas: Removes commas on report

Listings By: 

Daily: Report displays information by day. Recommended if date range is a month or below.

Monthly: Report displays information by month. Recommended if date range spans over multiple months.

Date Range:

Start Date: Select the first date to be listed on the report.

End Date: Select the last day included in the report.

Reading the Report

The Summary Report presents information in a similar manner to the Payment Analysis Report. This report is one of our options when trying to review information from past dates. Once a Month End is run you cannot re-print any Day End reports from that closed month. The Summary Report and Transaction listing report are the only way to report on closed dates.

While this report lists Labs as a column, it does not calculate payments assigned to said labs. It only lists the fees charged for labs, not the payments. In order to see lab payments, you need to use the Producer Analysis Report (Power Practice version 4.9 includes date range options). See the end of this article for a link to the relevant guide.

Once again, this report presents information in the context of clinic A/R. Treatments billed increase the A/R and are therefore shown as positive fee values. Payments of any kind help to reduce A/R so they are shown as negative values, contributing to reducing the outstanding accounts receivable.

Fees/Chgs: The amount charged in fees and office charges (toothbrush, missed appointment fee, etc.)

Labs: The total amount billed for labs.

Fee Adj: Adjustments which affect those fees charged. Examples of these include Fee Write Offs, Discounts and other cost reducing adjustments.

Net Fees: The total amount charged, accounting for labs and fee adjustments.

Payments: Payments made by patients or insurance policies.

Pmt Adj: Adjustments which affect those payments made. Examples of these include Credit Write Offs, Refunds and Bulk Insurance Debits.

Net Pmts: The total value of payments, factoring in all adjustments.

A/R Column: Current outstanding accounts receivable for the producer or practice; practice totals are usually shown on the last page of the report.

Your payment adjustments and fee adjustments are summarized at the bottom of this report. The contributing members are listed and their totals calculated. You can see clearly which adjustments were made over the given date range and identify the total effect they had on production or payments.

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