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Producer Production Analysis Report & Producer Payment Analysis Report

By 12/30/2019Reports


The Producer Production and Payment Analysis reports show each producer and their total production for Today, Month to Date, and Year to Date.

Auxiliaries (A01, A02…) are not separated, their totals are included in the Dr. fees.

Selections Available:

Producer: Select the producer you’d like to report on. “* For all” will automatically include all Producers.

Select: Choose from a list of producers to report on.

Report By:

Producer: Report based on Producer selection.

Billing Dr. $: Report based on Billing Dr. selection.

Report Info:

Current Month: Presents results for current month only.

Date Range: Present results based on given date range.

Include YTD totals: Add a column for Year To Date totals.

Include Payment Analysis: Include the payment analysis report along with producer analysis report. Highly recommended option.

Producer Production Analysis Report

Procedures Done: A total count of procedures done by the producer.

Dental Fees: Dental fees charged to the patient/insurance.

Lab Charges: Lab fees charged to the patient/insurance.

Office Charges: Charges other than dental fees posted to the patient. This typically includes take-home whitening kits, toothbrushes and brush heads, along with other specialty items. Some clinics opt to use Office Charges for late or missed appointment fees as well.

Fee Adjusts: Adjustments which affect the total fees charged. Examples of these include fee discounts, fee write offs, fee posting errors etc.

Net Fees: The total Dental Fees charged after all adjustments and charges are factored.

(Incl. Aux) Net Fees: If an auxiliary producer is in use, their production will be included here.

Producer Payment Analysis Report

Payments Allocated: Payments assigned to treatments provided by a given producer.

Allocation Transfers: These are payments which were at one point assigned to one producer and were then moved to another producer. The most common reason for these inter-producer transfers is the allocation of held credits. Patients will often leave over-payments on file for future treatments. Those credits are typically held under the owner’s producer number until new treatments are posted, where the credits can be assigned.

Payment Adjusts: Adjustments which affect the total payments made. Examples of these adjustments include refunds, credit write offs, and Bulk insurance debits.

Net Regular Payments: The total payments made, after factoring adjustments, while also separating lab payments from the total. This is the ideal number to use if your clinic pays producers on payments collected but not labs.

Net Lab Payments: The total payments made toward labs, after factoring adjustments.

Total Net Payments: A sum of the two above totals. This is the ideal number to use if your clinic pays on all payments collected, including labs.

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