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Migrating to a New Server


Backup the Power Practice program and the database. A quick way to do this is to:

– copy the c:\powerptx directory to a storage device.
– stop the mysql service (open the command prompt and type net stop mysql).
– copy c:\mysql\data\powerptx directory to a storage device.

Install the same version on the new server that is currently installed on the old server.  Version 4.7, 4.8 and 4.9 Installers can be found here

Open a command prompt on the new server and stop the mysql service by typing net stop mysql

Go into the C:\mysql\data folder on the new server and rename the powerptx folder to powerptxOriginal.

Copy the C:\powerptx folder from the old server and paste it over top the C:\powerptx on the new server.

Copy the powerptx folder from C:\mysql\data\ on the old server and place it into the C:\mysql\data folder on the new server.

Note: The MySQL folder on the new server must always be in C:\. Moving data to an alternate drive will not work.

On the new server, open the C:\powerptx\data\windent.ini file. Do a search for DBHostName and change it to the name or ip of the new server.
Repeat this for Power Practice Training, open the C:\powerptx\wintrain\data\windent.ini and change the hostname here also.

Start the MySQL service by typing net start mysql in the command prompt.

Make sure you can log into Power Practice and that the correct data is there

If the office is using Forms, you will need to re-install the PxForms Setup.


If the drive path to the powerptx on the new server is different, on each workstation open up the C:\powerptx\station.ini and change the path for DBDirectory, ReportsDir, ClaimsDir, ApptBackupsDir. You may need to use a UNC path.
Repeat this process for Power Practice Training  C:\powerptx\wintrain\station.ini.  Change the same paths as above, just pointing to the windent folder.

If the server name has changed, you will need to update the ODBC on all stations. Go into the powerptx directory. Double-click on Edit ODBC Settings.exe. On the System DSN tab, highlight the pptxmysql, click Configure. Change the Database Name to the new server name.
Repeat for the pptxmysqltraining.

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