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Configure Insurance Transaction Types

By 04/10/2019Insurance and EDI


This article will guide you through enabling the transaction types supported by an insurance company. Common transaction types are Claim Transactions, Reversals, Coordination of Benefits.


  1. Select Practice from the top menu bar.
  2. Then select Maintenance Manager from the sub menu.
  1. Select the Insurance tab.
  2. Then select the Insurance Companies icon.
  1. Search for the Insurance company you want to configure the transaction types for.
  2. Double click the insurance company in the search results grid below to open it’s settings.
  1. Select the EDI settings button down the right hand side. If this button is grayed out, change the Network setting to anything else, then change it back. In most cases, the network should be set as D.
  1. Enable all the transaction types supported by the insurance company.
  2. Select the OK button to save the changes then close any open windows.

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