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Treatment Status Report

Treatment Status Report

Found in the Transaction Module under the Month End Task icon, there is an interactive Treatment Status report that can be used to track outstanding treatment plans or treatments in progress.

Use this report to:

  • Find current planned treatment that, to make sure that patients do not slip thought the cracks.
  • Report on Planned Treatments each year to update existing planned treatments to the current fee guides.
  • Find Incomplete treatment that was missed and not completed.

Choose the Search Criteria to display and select Generate. This will produce a Treatment Status List of patients with treatment details based on the chosen criteria. You can specify providers, date ranges or the claim status and the list can be organized in a variety of ways.

When selecting Planned claims, there is an option to select more than one status to a maximum of three providing a more specific list to work from.

The buttons at the bottom can help while working in this screen.

  • Select Patient-makes the highlighted patient active in
  • Clear-clears the generated list.
  • Remove-removes the selected lines from the generated report.

Right-clicking on a treatment(s) line will show a menu with different options for your selection.

Note: if you are choosing to Update Fees from here, it will only update to the Current Regular Fee Guide (R). 
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