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Reverse a Bulk Insurance Payment

By 03/19/2019Transactions


This article will guide you through reversing part or all of a bulk insurance cheque.


  1. Open patient in Transactions.
  2. Click on Bulk Ins tab. This area will usually show the last bulk insurance that you were working on.
  3. If the payment is from a past cheque, use the Find button and enter the Pmt # to find that transaction.
  1. Right click the payment row you wish to reverse then select the Reverse Payment from the menu that appears.
  1. Click Yes on Reverse Payment popup.
  1. Under Code drop down box select PR. When reversing a payment that was entered on same day, you will need to Affect Daily Deposit Report. Please ensure the Affect Daily Deposit Report is ticked on.
  2. Click the OK button.

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