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Problem Creating EDI Claim Files Message

By 03/19/20195.0, Insurance and EDI


version 5.0+

Every time you submit a claim through EDI, a file is created for both the sending of the message and the response received. Over time, the amount of sending and receiving files saved on your server becomes greater than your operating system can handle. The steps below will help guide you through clearing out old claim response files that are no longer needed.

If you are on a version 4.9 or below, you can follow the steps starting in the middle of this article.


  1. This window will appear upon attempting to send a claim when the storage capacity is reached.
  2. Select the EDI Purge option.
  1. Set the date in both dropdown menus so they are matching. You are required to keep responses for 45 days so the system will auto select the appropriate date, however, many offices choose to keep 2-3 months of data.
  2. Once your dates are set and matching, select the Ok button


  1. Select Office from the top menu bar.
  2. Then select EDI Manager from the sub-menu
  1. Right click anywhere in the claims grid below.
  2. Then select Purge EDI Activity from the menu that appears.
  1. The program defaults to saving the last 45 days worth of EDI claim files. You can update the Response Received Before and Claim Sent Before date fields to a date greater than 45 days however we recommend nothing greater than 1 year or less than 45 days.
  2. Select the OK button to begin the purge.

Once the purge is completed you can return to patients transactions and submit the EDI claim again.

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