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Tracking Lab Using Patient Referrals


version 5.2+

This article covers the ways in which the referrals manager can be used to track in-office or external lab requests. This will enable users to produce reports that on active and completed labs that will help them keep track of these procurements.


To set up a lab as a referral;

  1. Head to the Patient File Module
  2. Referrals tab
  3. Select the Ellipsis (…) key by the Refer By field
  4. Select Source from the Referral Type window
  5. OK
  1. Create a New Record
  1. Enter the details of the lab in the Referral Information window
  2. Save the entry
  1. The Lab has now been saved in your referrals list as a source
  2. Select OK to close the window
  1. In the Refer To section, select Add
  2. Select the Ellipsis (…) key in the Referral To window
  3. Choose the Lab from the list
  4. OK
  1. Set the Status of the referral to Active to indicate that the lab referral has been entered into the system
  1. Select the Date Out of when this record was created and/or referral sent
  2. Date Due would be the Labs potential date to be done with the work
  3. Enter any relevant Notes
  4. OK
  1. The Referred To record has now been created
  2. To produce a print out, select Form
  1. Add a Heading, this is for the tooth chart hence it will only appear if a chart type is chosen (Primary, Permanent, or Both)
  2. Add additional Comments
  3. The Add comment as a Referral Note check box will create a referral note in the Referred By section. And the Copy Over Referral Note will add comments to this section from the previous step
  4. Check any materials the were forwarded to the Lab
  5. Select the method the referral was sent to the Lab
  6. OK will bring up a list your printers to select from

This is a sample of what the Lab Referral will look like

The clinical staff will be able to access Patient Referrals by accessing the Right-click Menu from the Treatments tab

This a condensed Referrals window found in the Patient File Module and functions in the exact same way

After the prosthetic has been been delivered to the office, you may change the Status of the referral to Completed.

If you need another lab referral for this patient, you may use the same referred To line and change the status back to Active

If you select the same settings in the form as shown in this article, the Referral Notes will keep track of the number of times lab referral have been made for this patient

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