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Patients Not on Recall List Enhancement


version 5.2+

This article highlights enhancements made to the ‘Patients Not on Recall’ list in the reports manager. This enhancement allows users to look up patients who do not have a recall line added from when their accounts were created, or since their last visit. This makes it easier to find the patients who may have “slipped through the cracks”.

The open and last visit dates can be used concurrently to further narrow your patient search. For example, patient who have have been entered in Power Practice over the last the last year, and have had a visit in the same date range but who have not had a recall added to their profiles.


  1. Select Office from the Menu Bar
  2. Select Reports Manager from the drop-down
  1. Select the Patient tab
  2. Double-click on Patient Not On Recall List

For Patients’ Doctor: Select specific doctor or * for all doctors

Status: Select the patient status to run the report for

Patient Open Date: Set account open dates if applicable

Patient Last Visit Date: Set the patients’ last visit date ranges

Sort by: User has a choice of sorting the report by Patient Name or Chart Number

Group By Doctor: Select Yes or No

Number of Copies: Adjust the number of copies you wish if you are printing the report

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