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Pop-Up Patient Notes


version 5.2+

The pop-up patient note in Power Practice can be used to automatically bring up the patient photo along with relevant notes on the screen.


  1. Select Patient Photo on the bottom left of the screen
  2. From the pop-up, right click on the blank canvas and select Options from the menu.
  1. From the Patient Picture Options, select Notes Mode
  2. Select Notes Options 

From here you have several features and notes that you can enable for your patient interactions.

Show Patient Notes: 

Enabling this feature will show you the Patient Comments or P-Notes.


Show Account Notes:

Enabling this feature will show you Account Notes or Family Comments.


Hide Notes on Startup:

Enabling this feature will hide all notes from view. To make them visible select Show (AP).

Display Notes on Patient Select:

Enabling this feature will display the pop-up notes automatically.

Highlight Indicator if Notes Exists:

Enabling this feature will replace the notes indicator in place of Patient Photo icon at the bottom left of Power Practice. This icon is is represented by the ‘N’ highlighted in red.

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