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Moving an Insurance Payment to Another Patient


This article is a guide of how to reallocate an insurance payment from one patient in a family to another patient part of a different family.


In this scenario, the insurance company is asking you to move the payment from this patient since the treatments were reversed, to another patient part of a different family with an outstanding insurance balance.

Here is a credit on this patient’s account that needs to be moved.

  1. Select the Insurance Payment tab
  2. Look for the credit and right-click on the payment line
  3. From the menu, select Reverse Payment
  1. From the Reverse Payment window, select Yes when asked if you are sure you want to reverse the payment
  1. Ensure the Date of reversal is correct
  2. From the Code drop-down, select Payment Reversal 

Affect Daily Deposit Report?

For this scenario, we advise to leave this box unchecked.

  1. Select OK

The payment should have an R status letting us know that the payment has been reversed.

  1. Select the patient on whose account the payment needs to be entered
  2. Select the Adjustments tab
  1. Select New
  2. Set the Adjustment Type to Insurance
  3. From the Balance drop-down, select Decrease
  4. From the Code drop-down, select Payment Re-Entry

Affect Today’s Deposit?

Again, in this scenario we will not be affecting the deposit, therefore leave this box unchecked.

  1. Select Save
  1. Select the claim the insurance payment is for from the Adjustment Allocations window
  2. Select Apply

The Balance of the claim should show a reduction of the amount from the total. The Applied column should show the total adjustment applied.

  1. Select OK

Looking at the ledger, the adjustment will be shown on the claim the adjustment was allocated to.

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