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Purging Fake Patient Appointments

By 04/05/2022Scheduler


This article is a guide of how to purge appointments for a fake patient.


Fake patients in Power Practice are sometimes used to that scheduler entries can be made. At a certain point, the program will not be able to add any more appointments on the scheduler because the limit of the number of appointments has been reached.

Therefore, you will need to purge appointments for that fake patient.

  1. Search for the fake patient
  1. Go to the Scheduler module
  2. Select the Scheduler Report and Utilities icon
  3. Select the Utilities tab
  1. Select a Cutoff Date
  2. Select Single Patient.

This step is important because if the utility runs with All Patients selected, it will purge all patient appointments till the cutoff date.

  1. Check Purge Old Calendar Records and Mark Old Appointments as Deleted and Select Regardless
  2. Check all Appointment Types to Purge as well as Purge Deleted Appointments 
  3. Select OK
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