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SafeCom Integration


This article contains information on the features available in Power Practice with SafeCom integrated.

Once integrated, you will find a new time in the Odontogram labelled SafeCom beside the proposals tab.

These are the options available in the right-click menu within the SafeCom tab.

1st Feature

When an x-ray is taken in SafeCom, a list of appropriate codes will be displayed in the Odontogram to post.

Note: SafeCom Codes will need to be set up first please see the steps below.

Setting Up SafeCom Codes

  1. Search for the code
  2. Select one of the following: x-ray, pan, or ceph
  3. Select the Add button

Once the code is added to SafeCom you will see it listed on the right-hand side in the setup window.

After taking an x-ray in SafeCom, this screen will pop-up in Power Practice. The procedure code will be highlighted automatically, select the Add button to post the treatment to the Odontogram.

2nd Feature

When a document is added in SafeCom, there is an option to add the document into the Document Manager.

This pop-up appears after saving an image in SafeCom. Select a tab from the drop down menu then select OK.

The document will now be available in the patients Document Manager.

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