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How to Enter a Mixed Dentition

By 08/04/2021Charting


This article will guide you through the steps of changing the teeth to a mixed dentition on the Odontogram.

  1. Select Charting from the top menu bar
  2. Click on Odontogram from the dropdown
  1. Left click on the sites you want. You can either select from the surface or tooth number
  2. In the top left, open your Set Conditions icon. It is the first icon next to the producer dropdown
  1. Make sure all the teeth are listed in the header. If only one tooth is in the header, that means you right clicked. When selecting multiple teeth, always left click and open the set conditions by using the icon. Right clicking on the tooth will always open up the set conditions directly for that one individual tooth
  2. The Aging box is located in the bottom right hand side of the window. Click Change Selected Teeth
  3. Click Accept to make the changes.
  1. You now have a mixed dentition
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