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Enabling Multipage Predeterminations


version 5.1+

Submissions for pre-approval have previously been limited to seven items per claim. You can now submit your entire treatment plan at once instead of manually breaking it up into separate seven item claims, so long as the insurance company supports the feature.

This feature will only be available to carriers who support it, please check CDAnet for the carrier’s supported transactions here.

If the patient only has one plan and that carrier allows multi-page predeterminations, the program will not stop you after 7 treatment items.

If primary and secondary both support multi-page submissions, you will also be able to submit more than 7 items at once. However, new claims with the Multipage unticked will behave as normal and limits you to 7.

If only 1 of the 2 carriers accepts multi-page predeterminations, you will still be limited to 7 items per claim, regardless of whether the carriers Coordinate Benefits or not.


  1. Visit the Practice menu atop the program window.
  2. Select Maintenance Manager.
  3. Select the Insurance tab.
  1. Double left click the Insurance Companies icon.
  2. Enter their abbreviated code name or the EDI code of your desired insurance carrier.
  3. Use the magnifying glass icon to search.
  4. Double left click the appropriate result.
  1. Select the EDI Setting button.
  2. Enable the Multi-Page Predetermination option.
  3. Select Ok on the remaining windows to dismiss them.
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