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Hide Inactive Producers in Setup & Work Schedule Windows


version 5.1+

Hide inactive producers from your Work Schedule and Producer setup windows to reduce clutter and simplify your task.


  1. Visit the Scheduler Module.
  2. Select the Paper and Pencil Settings icon in the upper right of this module.
  3. Select Producers to access Producer Setup.
  1. At the top of the new window, find the Hide Inactive tick box.
  2. Your producer list should update to remove all inactive users.

It is important to note, this tick box will toggle back to it’s default state, Off, when you leave this window.

You can access the same feature within the Work Schedule entry window as well.

  1. Select Work Schedule.
  1. Enable the tick box for Hide Inactive.
  2. Within the producer dropdown selection menu, you will find your Inactive producers are no longer available.

This setting is only enabled for the duration of your visit to this window. You can enable the setting whenever needed, but it defaults to Off.

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