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Changing Producers for Planned Treatments

By 07/20/20215.1, Tx Plan


version 5.1+

Edit planned and incomplete treatments before their completion to update/change the producer associated. You no longer need to delete the treatment to post it again under a different producer.


  1. Visit the Transactions module.
  2. Activate the appropriate patient file.
  3. Visit the Treatments Tab.
  4. Select the Planned/Incomplete tab near the bottom of this window.
  1. Find and highlight your treatments in the Planned/Incomplete tab.
  2. With your items selected, right click the grouping.
  3. Choose Edit Selected.
  1. In the new window, you can select and deselect the treatments you wish to update.
  2. Set the Producer in the dropdown menu below.
  3. You may wish to edit the Status of the treatments. These options can help communicate the claim’s history to the team.
  4. You may also wish to update the designated appointment sequence number if this is part of a bigger treatment plan.
  5. Select Update when you are ready.
  1. You  will be presented with a confirmation window. If the action described looks correct, select Yes.
  2. Select Close to return to the module window.
  1. You should find your treatments updated to match the changes made.

You can proceed with Completing these treatments as you normally would. This new feature simply saves you the trouble of having to delete and repost the treatments under a different producer.

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