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Merge Patient will allow you to combine duplicated patient files.  This will allow you to consolidate your duplicated files into a single account.  Some restrictions for the Merge function are worth noting, they are listed below in the blue and yellow sections.

With this in mind, we will proceed with the instructions below.


Please Note, you cannot merge a patient file if they are already part of a family account which has Adjustment records.  This is to preserve the ledger and A/R integrity of all accounts involved. A simple solution for such a patient is to move them into their own family file first, then use the merge function.

Files can be merged into a family account without issue. They just cannot come from a family file with adjustments on record.

Second, the patient files involved in the merge cannot have outstanding Check Out data to be processed.

This article applies to version 5.1 +


  1. Visit the Patient File Module.
  2. Right click in the background area to bring up the menu options.
  3. Select File.
  4. Select Merge Patient.

Some items to consider before proceeding:

Merge From lets you choose which file you wish to incorporate into another.

Merge To will be the recipient/ retained file. The process will retain the Merge To file’s Chart Number, the Referral information (Referred By, family dr, and 2 additional Dr fields), the Account information, and the Medical Comment.

You will be given the opportunity to select which information to keep for the Personal Tab and Additional Tab between the two files. Patient Alerts (up to 5 are saved) and Chart Alerts (all are saved) regardless of which file you choose at this step.

The remaining information carried over includes: All alerts, Referral To records, Recall, Insurance Policies, Appointments, all Transactions, Chart (will not bring over conditions if other conditions already exist), Perio Chart Readings , Document Manager, Patient Forms, All Notes, Patient Picture (Need to set the default picture)

  1. Merge From – Select the patient to merge (must be only patient on the account)
  2. Merge To- Select the patient/account to merge into (the one to keep).
  3. Select Merge.
  1. When prompted “Are you sure…”, select Yes.
  2. If both patients in question are Policy Holders, you will be prompted if you are sure again.  If you say yes, both insurance policies will be entered.
  1. If there is a balance on the Merge From patient, you will be prompted about a balance being transferred.
  2. If there is no balance on the Merge From patient, you will be prompted that All Payments/Adjustments for the account will be transferred.
  1. Finally, the Patient’s demographics are presented from both files, allowing you a chance to choose which variant will be saved. The other set of information will be deleted.
  2. Select Ok to proceed.
  1. The final notification should inform you that the patient merge was successful.
  1. As previously discussed, the merge function faces some limitations and may present error messages when trying to merge a member from a populated family account which has adjustments on file. In scenarios like this, the simplest solution is to move the desired patient out of the family first then merge their files as initially intended.
  2. You will also see an error notice if the patient has items to be Checked Out. The program will notify you of errors/problems during the merge and automatically stop if it deems it necessary to do so.