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Adding Templates to Clinical Notes


This article is a guide on how to add your templates as notes in your patients’ charts.


  1. From the clinical notes window, select the Comment Templates icon.
The Select Comment window will pop-up on screen.
  1. Select you template(s) from the list of templates that you have created.
  2. Once your selection(s) have been made, select the Accept button located on the top right corner.
You are able to select more then one template to create a single note. The Order column in the list table will show the sequence of which your templates will appear on the note.

If you make a mistake, you can select the Clear button at the bottom of the Select Comment window and start over.

You can also add a line break between each template by enabling the Insert New Line Between Comments check box next to the Clear button.

  1. This will take you back to the clinical notes window where your templates can be seen on the canvas, this is where you can edit your note.
  2. Once you have finished making additions to the note and are satisfied with your entries, select the Add as a New Note icon to save the the note.

The note has now been entered in the patient’s chart.

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