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Restore a Deleted Patient


version 4.9+

If you have deleted a patient file in the past and wish to restore, you now have the option to do so with ease. Follow the guide below to proceed.


  1. Visit the Patient File Module.
  2. Select the open folder icon atop the module window.
  3. Select the Patient Status Report near the bottom of the list.
  4. Press Ok to confirm your selection.
  1. Leave both the Default Dr. dropdown and Patient Status dropdown set to the asterisk, * For All.
  2. Enable the Include Deleted? tick box.
  3. Leave both Date fields blank
  4. Select Name for your sorting order.
  5. Select Generate.
  1. Your results will populate below. Deleted files will appear in a red font.
  2. Highlight your desired patient file.
  3. Select the Restore button at the bottom of this window.
  1. Select Yes to the popup asking if you wish to restore the file.
  2. You will be asked to enter the Daily Password. This can be attained from Support via a phone call or email.
  3. Select Ok when ready to proceed.
  1. In the new window, set the desired patient status.
  2. Avoid changing the chart number, unless you were given specific direction to do so by support.
  3. The family account they will be restored to is shown below.
  4. Select Ok to confirm your choices.

Your restored patient file will now be available in your database again. If you should experience any oddities or difficulties with this process, please feel free to contact our support team for help.

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