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Enabling the Extended Audit Feature

By 02/24/2021Best Practices


The Extended Audit feature will greatly help you keep track of actions taken within Power Practice, using the Audit Log module.


  1. Visit the Options menu atop the program window.
  2. Select Environment.
  1. Double check your tab selection is correctly set to Environment.
  2. Select the Auditing button.
  1. Enter the Daily Password (obtained by calling Support).
  2. Select the Ok button.
  1. Set the bullet option to Extended.
  2. Press Ok to exit.
  1. Select the Save button on the right side.
  2. Select Close.
  1. Exit the program entirely by pressing the X button in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Yes to confirm your action.

All other users must also sign out of the program and back in before the Extended Audit feature will begin to take effect.

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