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Block Booking – The Perfect Day

By 04/22/20205.0, Scheduler


version 5.0+

This article will detail the process of setting up and using Block Booking, also known as the “Perfect Day”, in Power Practice. This allows cohesive communication across the team by designating specific hours of the day to specific treatments/appointments.

With colour coordinated time blocks designated on the scheduler, the administrative team can easily book appointments over the colour-coded time slots.


  1. Visit the Scheduler module.
  2. Select the Scheduler Settings icon, the Paper and Pencil at the top right.
  3. Select Time-off Codes.
  1. Select the New Record icon.
  2. Enter the Code, Description and Colour.
  3. Save each code upon completion.
  4. Click Ok when you’ve created all the codes you’d like.
  1. Return to the Scheduler.
  2. Select the User View Options icon.
  3. Tick the Colour Book Time Off box. Note that this step must be repeated on all stations manually.

With the setup taken care of, we can begin creating our blocks on the schedule.

  1. Left click to highlight the first unit of time.
  2. Left click to highlight the last unit of time.
  3. Right click the selected area and choose Book Time Off.
  1. Set the Date From and Date To. This will determine how far into the future this block will display.
  2. Ensure you’ve selected the days of the week this block should take effect.
  3. Select the Type of Time Off, choose what kind of block this will be.
  4. Review the time range. It should reflect the units highlighted in black in steps 11 and 12.
  5. Press Ok and confirm the popup message. No appointments will be removed or adjusted.

Your results should look similar to the image above. Repeat the steps above to create each schedule block needed for each day of the week.

Adjusting Blocks:

  1. To adjust a time block, visit the Scheduler Settings.
  2. Select Work Schedule.
  1. Find the Time Off entry in the bottom box.
  2. With the appropriate line highlighted, select T-Off Edit.
  1. Edit the entry to your liking. In this example, I’ve added Thursday and Friday tick boxes as I wish to see the same time block recur at the same time for all 3 days.
  2. Adjusting the Week Cycle will alter how often this block will repeat. Choosing Week Cycle 1 will see it repeated weekly. Choosing 2 weeks will see it repeated every other week and so on.
  3. Click Ok to confirm your changes.

Once you’re finished setting up the schedule for a producer you can repeat the steps for all other chairs.

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