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Reporting on Unscheduled, Cancelled and No-Show Appointments

By 04/14/2020Reports, Scheduler


This article will show you through the steps necessary to find appointments that have been unscheduled.


  1. Open the Scheduler module, found under the Patient drop-down menu.
  2. Select the tab labelled Lists.
  3. Set the sub-tab to Appointment List
  1. Set your Producer to For All (*)
  2. Designate the Patient Status if needed (4.9 feature).
  3. Set the Dates appropriately. This will be the time window the report searches within.
  4. Disable all tick boxes below the date fields.
  5. Remove any values written in the Code and Type fields. Highlight the letters and backspace to delete.
  1. You can set your sorting preferences by left clicking to add a number for the sorting order, just be sure to hit reset to clear the previous selections.
  2. Under Appointment Type, select all types you wish to reschedule for. You may choose to include all types to ensure nothing is missed.
  3. Select Search.

Your results will populate in the white grid area in the lower half of the report window.

These results are interactive and can be used to navigate to different parts of the program. You simply need to highlight the right result and right click with the mouse.

Within the right click menu, you can skip right to scheduling a cancelled/unscheduled appointment.

You can also visit the patient profile, from which you can review appointment history for the patient or family.

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