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Bounced Cheque Entry (NSF)

By 03/24/2020Transactions


Should a cheque deposit be rejected by your bank, you’ll need to log that information into Power Practice and, if you wish, charge the responsible party a ‘bounced cheque’ fee.


  1. Select Patient.
  2. Select Transactions.
  1. Visit the relevant payment tab.
  2. Right click the title of the transaction.
  3. Choose Reverse Payment.
  1. Select Yes.
  1. Select NSF in the Code selection drop-down.
  2. Replace the default description, if you wish.
  3. Select Ok.
Deciding whether to Affect Daily Deposit Rate:

If you entered the cheque payment on the same day you wish to reverse it, you can affect the daily deposit.

If the payment was entered in the past, however, you should not affect your deposit rate.

  1. Select the General tab to return to the ledger.
  2. You should see a blue reversal line counter-acting the cheque entry.

Charging an NSF fee

  1. Visit the Charges tab.
  2. Select New.
  1. Set the charge type to Patient.
  2. Choose the appropriate code from the drop-down.
  3. Enter a description, fee amount and specify the Doctor.
  4. Select Save.
If you do not have an appropriate charge code to use, see the linked article at the end of this guide to create one.
  1. Select General to return to the ledger.
  2. The charge is now available to be paid by the patient.

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